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Surfacing on the global radar through controversy, ridiculous allegations and crackpot speculations, Wikileaks has driven a splinter under the fingernails of global governments and is campaigning for the universal right to free access to all truths, regardless of whether the keeper of said truths wants them known or not.

With four years under their belts in receiving, researching, reviewing and publishing the hidden documents and conversations (called “cables”) of governments and corporations, Wikileaks has become known to some as an organisation here to save our societies, to others as nothing more than a group of anarchist hackers out to cause deliberate trouble.

It is the belief of this writer that the former be true; that our society has gone on long enough wearing the custom blinkers and gags provided by those “on high” and Wikileaks has stepped up to be the catalyst for global change.

Wikileaks – An Organisation For You And For Me.

I won’t be going into the history of Wikileaks as an organisation as that information is freely available online in various places and has been bandied about by various news sources with differing levels of accuracy and bias in the past few weeks that the organisation has achieved global notoriety. If you don’t know them by now, then you will never, never, never, know them

Instead, I’ll share with you my personal view on the organisation and a little of what I see its goals to be:

Wikileaks is a non-profit organisation that seeks to undermine the unjust, embarrass the corrupt and reveal the truths being shrouded by lies told by governments and corporations.

It is an ideal, a symbol of the fight for freedom; freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom of truth and the freedom of the people to access all these things.

It is the spearhead which leads the way into a bold new future where the peoples of the world do not sit idly by while their governments and major corporations rape their protected rights of freedom, security, independence and the ability to speak one’s mind freely without being removed from society under whatever bullshit guise they dream up this week.

Wikileaks is the future, now. It is how we must all act: courageous, strong, unswerving and true to ourselves and our fellow humans.

Without this icon of truth and justice to follow, we will remain complacent as a people and will allow ourselves to be herded by the “powers that be” as cattle to the slaughter whenever they see fit to be rid of us.

Strong words and not the complete vision of what I see Wikileaks as, but you get the general picture. I truly feel that the path that Wikileaks has created is the path we must all take. We cannot sit around anymore without caring about the big picture.

“So long as I have food on the table, petrol in the tank and money coming in, I’ll be okay.”

No, you won’t. That food, petrol, money and so many more things that you enjoy as part of your “daily life” are all controlled, regulated and restricted by the governments and corporations through which they flow. That flow only continues as long as they achieve whatever goals they set forth to achieve and they will do almost anything to ensure that they do achieve for they are the powerful and see themselves as our “leaders”.

There’s just one problem with that: Government, unlike a monarchy, is meant to be a diplomatic solution to allow the voice of the PEOPLE to be heard, allowing the general populace to vote in changes to their country. Those who work in the government are elected to represent the people and speak on their behalf.

Too long now have these politicians gained office and forgotten about their true employers: society. Without a say, society now has to sit back and watch these politicians bring their personal and often religious agendas into the political arena wherein the real problems are forgotten and it all boils down to making more money, staying in “power” and ensuring the people they represent never find out about how corrupt they’ve become.

Sure, there are honest politicians trying to make a real effort to do what they can to truly represent their people, but often they are muscled out of their positions by greedy, jealous and paranoid colleagues.

A classic example here in Australia of the personal motivations overruling the people’s desires is the ongoing debate about an R rating for video games and the mandatory internet filter, both pushed by the personal and religious views of certain politicians.

Still, I’ve gotten sidetracked.

Wikileaks is an organisation that we can all be a part of, by standing up and adding our voices to those already calling out for our freedoms and truths to be returned to us. They’re rightfully ours and nobody has the right or should have the power to prevent us from claiming them whenever we so choose.

A Man Steps Forth And Suffers For Leading The People

Buddy Christ approves of Wikileaks and speaking only the Truth

I wonder how many people I can piss off by comparing Julian Assange to Jesus?

That’s right, Jesus. From the Christian Bible.

Jesus was a man, much like Julian, who believed in the freedom and unity of the people he represented. He believed that all peoples could coexist and live honest and prosperous lives, for this was what his ‘father’ had wanted for Man.

Yet when it came to the point that his peaceful ways and speaking of truths got in the way of the power and ego of the Roman Emperor, his was executed and made an example of; martyred for a belief that would form the basis of a religion that would sweep the world and control it for millennia to come.

Unlike Jesus, Julian is not claiming to be anything more than the man he is, revealing the corruption and tyranny of the world’s leaders. However he is being hunted and targeted, held under the pretext of a set of arbitrary charges while his captors build their “case” against him.

Whether or not he did assault the two woman in Sweden is irrelevant to me and the Wikileaks case, however one should note that the actions being taken against him are only serving to make him more of a public martyr and bring more attention and support to his cause.

Every day that he is held under dubious charges and against a whole string of national and international laws and truths, his support network, trust in him and his message and investments in the long-term goals of his organisation is growing.

Those in “power” would be wise to tread extremely carefully, especially the United States government whom are doing nothing if not building a network of enemies and dissidents among the global citizenry.

Circumventing Laws And Due Process To Satisfy Their Bloodlust

It was revealed by Julian’s Swedish lawyer that there is evidence that Julian Assange is being framed.

This is hardly news as the vast majority of folks in society who’ve paid attention to the many varied reports about the shady nature of the charges and the women making them knew that there was something strange surrounding the circumstances of how the charges were pressed and Julian was eventually detained.

I’ve maintained the following stance the whole way along:

Rape and sexual assault charges should be taken very seriously and not belittled, regardless of the circumstances. Until otherwise cleared, the accused must face the charges and ensuing legal case.

That said, all angles and facts must be investigated, hence the intense scrutiny by the public on the women, their motives (if anything other than true) and the timing of the charges and the situation surrounding how they were ultimately filed. Twice.

All this aside, it doesn’t even seem that one of the accusers was taking it all that seriously when she left Sweden with some cockamamie story about joining a Christian outreach group in Palestinian Territories, whilst apparently having ceased cooperating with the Swedish prosecutors. (Believe what you will about her reasons for leaving, but I don’t think that a woman with her history would be all that afraid to stand and face the fight she’d have ahead of her…)

It is this circumvention of justice and the legal rights of this Australian citizen that is the only drawcard for me – the fact that there is clear evidence that a “secretly empanelled grand jury” has met in Alexandria, next to the Pentagon. In addition to this, it’s clearly understood that “if he [Assange] comes to Sweden, they will defer their  interest in him to the Americans.”

The game is being played well, with the US pulling out all stops and even potentially invoking the antiquated “Espionage Act 1917” to cross borders and legal jurisdictions in order to ensure they can successfully charge him.

From where I sit in my armchair in Melbourne, it’s hard to imagine that justice will be truly upheld and Assange will be cleared of these rape charges before falling into the hands of the corrupt and determined US governmental prosecutors.

Julian Assange says Prime Minister Julia Gillard has put his life and freedom at risk by publicly pre-judging his actions as “criminal”.


When Julian’s own Prime Minister made her position known, it was clear that he has been abandoned by the one resource that should be assisting him in investigating the legitimacy of assault charges, which are clearly removed and separate from the Wikileaks activities. However, watching that video, you can tell that Gillard is treating the two cases as linked, simply because they surround the same person.

She should have thought about exactly what she was going to say before talking to the press as she’s only served to put herself and her government in a terrible position. With Julian considering suing Gillard for defamation, she’s also been left to deal with the backlash from her own left-wing parliamentary faction members as well as that of the people of Australia in the form of an Open Letter which has been signed by over five-and-a-half thousand people, including some pretty significant names being the first two hundred to sign.

The fact that the Australian Federal Police is conducting their investigation into the Wikileaks leaks but not doing much to differentiate and separately investigate the assault allegations is a sign that Australia is clearly deferring to the USA as well, so we can all assume that Julian is pretty much fucked.

There Is Always Light In The Darkness

All this considered, there is still plenty of support for both Julian and the Wikileaks cause.

Thousands have rallied around the world in protest of many different facets of concern surrounding the treatment, conditions and ongoing detention of Julian in a British prison while he awaits his court date of December 14th.

The general feel from commenters on all these blog and news posts going around is in support of Julian with a few that have closed minds to facts and are ruled by blind patriotism or plain stupidity, whatever you want to call it.

After his second hearing that will determine whether he will be deported or not, it will become clear what the world’s governments are playing at. If he is deported, then the US has practically won. If he isn’t sent to Sweden but is remanded in custody, he’ll be nothing more than a political prisoner considering he hasn’t been charged with anything by anybody and there is simply no case against him, personally or regarding Wikileaks.

The support for Julian in this time is heartening. There are voices ringing out from countries all over the world, in many different languages and from people at varying levels of social status (rich, poor, professional, personal, government employees, etc.)

Each person that speaks out in support of him lends their voice and intentions to the crowd, a crowd that will hopefully be heard.

“An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination.” Voltaire

(It appears that the some in the US government have been taking Voltaire a little too seriously…)

A Glimpse Of Our Future, As Always, Through Fiction

Here’s where you might think I’m being slightly paranoid.

I sit watching the news and following various online news feeds on Twitter with an increasing sense of dread because, should this all go “bad”, it will have set up the processes necessary for governments to turn their countries into a dystopian nightmare.

To get a feel for just what I’m talking about, ask yourself this question: Have you watched any of the films listed under the Governmental/society sub-heading on the Wikipedia page for Dystopia?

Can you see any parallels between current events and the extreme portrayals of society in these films? Suppression of various citizens’ and news agencies’ freedoms, propaganda messages blaring in department stores, the potential invocation of antiquated laws in a desperate attempt to pin something on someone when all else fails, etc.

There has definitely been a global shift in the way things are handled, by society, traditional / new media and by the governments, with the balance of change being a raging battle between change for the good and changes that are definitely not-so-good.

I’m definitely not alone in thinking this, despite there being plenty of people that are siding with those baying for blood.

If things continue to go the way they have been in the past few weeks, the world as we know it will have officially ended, in my opinion. The freedoms that we enjoy, the liberties and rights that we believe are protected by whatever document is in place in your country are all just a step-or-two away from being ripped out from under us.

Whether you agree or disagree with anything I’ve written here, I’d like you to do two things:

1. Understand that this is my opinion and perspective and it probably differs greatly from yours and that of many other people. This post has been written as my own contribution to the Global Free Speech message that is being sent to the people of the world who would otherwise suppress voices that speak the truth.

2. Share this post, comment on it, read it to your babies and pets, just be sure to get word out about the important contents – Wikileaks; Julian Assange; the corruption of world governments and the corporate dogs who attempt to control and gag major news networks, parliaments and the people; the right to free speech and free press that all countries should enjoy; and anything else you can pick out as being important.