TL;DRWhat You Need To Know:
  • Celebrities tweet their support
    • A whole bunch of Hollywood and other celebrities have used the power of social media to spread word and links for donation about the Queensland floods to their followers. I've provided a selection from some of the most prominent figures on Twitter.
  • Tony Abbott makes a stupid head-line grabbing call for more dams...
    • Tony Abbott, Federal leader of the opposition, was slammed by citizen and media alike for what seemed to be a ploy by him to leverage the floods for political gain by making a premature and ridiculous call for building more dams across the country to prevent further floods.

      If nothing else, he simply does not know what damming rivers does to the countryside that relies upon the river and the smaller off-shoot rivers and streams and water tables that the major rivers provide. Damming rivers all across the state would have massive long-term affects that are unknowable, so he was really showing his intelligence when making that call.
  • Some general statistics from the day after it all began
    • Not twenty-four hours after the flooding began, these statistics were released and it boggles the mind the sheer amount of water we're talking about. Simply incredible.
  • YouTube search results for the Queensland Floods - LOTS of footage
    • Some of the videos can be quite disturbing, so please exercise discretion when viewing.
  • An example video of just how quick and violent the floods were
    • In a suburban street, a couple take refuge in their apartment building and watch as the river that runs alongside their street breaks its banks and sweeps away an entire street of parked cars.
  • A projected flood map of Queensland and the areas that will be affected
    • The projection was fairly accurate, but what this map doesn't show is the actual reach and damage caused.
  • A reminder from Laneth to please think of the animals
    • In situations such as these, animals (pets, livestock, etc.) are often left behind by families and people trying to save their own skin and that of their family members. This was a small plea from me to remind people to remember the other family members that rely upon us humans for care, protection and survival.
  • Final link to donate to the Queensland Premier's Flood Appeal
    • Donations are still being taken, especially after the subsequent Tropical Cyclone Yasi that hit Queensland in the first week of February.
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That’s what they’re calling it on the news now.

I was going to write a whole post about this but it’s unfolding faster than anything I’ve seen in a long time – this disaster just keeps bouncing back-and-forth between “holy crap” and “we have time to breathe!”

I would not cover this in as much detail as I would like, so I just wanted to share some things with you here that caught my eye in the last twenty-four hours that I’ve been following this.

Celebrities Tweet Their Support:

Pls help. Call 1800 219 028 in AUS or Help Aussies with Flood Relief Appeal #QLDfloods /via @andy27p
Alyssa Milano

78 people missing, at least 10 killed after tsunami-like floodwaters ripped thru Australia /via @abc7
Alyssa Milano

Plz RT: Call 1800 219 028 in AUS or Help Aussies with Flood Relief Appeal #QLDfloods

Woken up to many tweets about the terrible flooding in Queensland, Australia. Find out more and lend support here
Simon Pegg

We'll help you OZ! RT @simonpegg: terrible flooding in Queensland, Australia. Find out more & lend support here
Seth Green

Can u pls help out & retweet support for Aussies caught by major flooding!

I ♥ the Aussies and their STRENGTH! RT @RubyRose1: @katyperry give a big shout out to the aussies in tough time during the Qld floods baby.
Katy Perry

Please visit to donate. I'm personally pledging $50,000 to the relief efforts. Please help! Livestrong!
Lance Armstrong

Article slamming attempted political profiteering by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

“FEDERAL Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s stupid, head-line grabbing call for more dams to be built to mitigate flooding in Queensland was an example of the level of arrogance that unfortunately still prevails in the face of nature’s reality…”
By Bill Hoffman

General statistics from 11th January, barely a day after it all began (you can imagine what they’d be now!)

Stats @ Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | 2:43 PM ET

Video Footage Is Quickly Available Online After Floods Start

YouTube search for: Queensland Flood 2011:

And this is how quick and terrifying it can be:

This is how quick a river can break banks and wash a street full of cars away…

A glimpse of the (projected) flood affected areas of Queensland:
The projected flood affected areas of Queensland

Please keep the people affected by these floods in mind over the coming months – this is going to take a long, long time to recover from.

Don’t forget all the animals that are being displaced as well – we must do what we can to preserve all life, for we are all equally alive and deserving of life.

Please don't forget the animals - they need our help too!

If you are able, please consider donating to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal

If you are able, please donate to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal