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Help Bring Noor & Ramsey Home

Two American children, Noor William Noble Bower, 8, and Ramsay Maclean Bower, 6, were kidnapped from their Boston home on August 11, 2009 by their mother.

To find our more and to show your support, please read and share this article with your family and friends. With luck and the help of our online global community, we might just be able to help bring these children home to their father.

Copyright & “Public Domain”

An issue that recently made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and numerous high-profile sites / blogs was a case of violation of Copyright.

The unauthorised reproduction Monica Gaudio’s (LiveJournal / Twitter user: Illadore) “‘As American as apple pie’ isn’t” article raised the fury of not only the author herself, but the entire Internets it seems…